Ashland, Oregon is a world renown destination for Shakespeare enthusiasts as well as a those seeking to live in a community where there is a focus on providing alternative energy choices to residents. If you've never visited Ashland, you must,  at least once in your life. Just north of the California / Oregon border, nestled into the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, Ashland is home to Southern Oregon University.

If you don't like Shakespeare, skiing, hiking, biking, health food stores, eating out, hot springs, or going to the dog park. you could always hang out for a couple of hours in Science Works - the Hands On science museum. I've been there twice and both times my companions had to drag me out. My favorite exhibit - bare none - is the bubble room. I've always been facinated by the elasticity of water. I'm pretty sure the museum was designed for children, but I love science and trying to figure out how things work.

This is a big factor in why I love Real Estate Appraisal. It's exciting for me to discover how an individual piece of Real Estate fits into the bigger picture. Each property has its own mixture of features and amenities that need to be analyzed for their contribution to the overall value. Some things, like proximity to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in downtown Ashland, have a tremendous impact on a property's value. If you own a home within walking distance to the festival you could walk out your front door and enjoy world class theatre on a warm midsummer's night...

The best deal in town for the festival is to get on their email list and on Thursday morning they send out the short list of plays that have seats available. In 2009 I saw Macbeth, and this year I saw Hamlet....for 1/2 price!!!!